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Wwe vince mcmahon vs stephanie no mercy

I just hope they get a little bit of time, because I think they could pull off a match of the night candidate if given fifteen minutes.
Vince said he doesn't think the match will ever happen.
It is a follow-up to the 1999 video game.Pick: Dust Brothers Cain.The Usos have no more heel contenders to face if they win this one, unless some NXT call-ups are about to take place.The topic of Hulk Hogan.Sean Rueter : The right call is probably to keep the belt on the more entertaining heel while the babyface chases.

Will we finally start to see Cesaro climb up the card and assume his place as a bad ass main eventer?
Gold Stardust The General : A title change would really liven up the scene in the tag team division and Stardust is already teasing a feud with The Ascension.
Memory Issue, when No Mercy first hit the shelves their was a glitch/save error in which the whole game data could be simply wiped without notice and restored to the default original set.
It seems that there could be a ton of fun in a future feud linking AJ with Stephanie McMahon, so I think AJ will reclaim the title and then become the primary target of Stephanie's wrath.Of course they can, and that's the beauty of this one.I think there is some credibility to the rumors that Rusev will be facing Cena next, and so I expect that Rusev will crush Henry on the path to an eventual CenaWinsLOL.Roster, note: People featured on the same line indicate that they are featured on the same slot as an alternative attire.Sean Rueter : They can't have Lesnar lose in his first defense, and only his second match since breaking The Streak, right?Keith Harris : For two of WWE's biggest stars, this has had an embarrassingly slapdash build and thus feels absolutely meaningless, a reaction not aided by it being well known that this is the last major show in Chris Jericho's current run.But I think old Johnny gets protected somehow in this loss, and moves on to something else.I'm already envisioning a Hell In A Cell match with Goldust and Stardust defending the titles against Adam Rose and The Bunny.Personally, I think WWE would have wasted the impact of The Beast Incarnate's ending of The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak and Cena's worst ass kicking ever, if he loses so soon after both these monumental occurrences.What gave the story mode so much depth was its branching storylines that developed, based on the outcomes of the player's matches.