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Planting vinca spacing

planting vinca spacing

Medicinal Applications: Over the years, Vinca has been used for medicinal purposes.
Prune it back in early spring to about 4 inches tall to energize new growth.
Planting Time, it's best to plant creeping myrtle in early spring, before its blooming season.It tolerates part sun to full shade and is adaptable to different conditions in your garden.Applications included: Lowering blood pressure, lowering sugar levels for diabetics, treatment for coughs, colds, sore throats.Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 4 to 9, where it will reach a mature height of 6 to 8 inches with a 3-foot spread.Water well, when planting.Leave a 1-inch space between the mulch and the base of the periwinkle plants to allow any excess moisture in the soil to evaporate.

This plant is known by three names: Vinca, Periwinkle (or Madagascar Periwinkle and Myrtle.
Treating eye and lung infections, plant Propagation: Vinca or Periwinkle are grown from seeds.
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An established plant grows in small mounds, about 6 inches high, providing a groundcover over a bed planted with seasonal bulbs or around the base of a tree.If spacing for faster coverage, be aware that you may have to remove some of the periwinkle plants to prevent overcrowding.If necessary, use an herbicide to stem its progression.Many people will broadcast spread them across an area.Once plants are established, water only during extended droughts.This makes Vinca ideal in hot, dry parts of the country where other flowers will wither and wilt.These prolific, self seeders, will usually reseed themselves, if left unattended.