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Benelli vinci slug test

If Benelli wanted a four star gun worth 1,400, they would modify the safety button and rear trigger guard.
The trade off is that you feel a little more of the recoil.
Its a shame, too.Extended choke tubes should be standard on any gun that is specifically designed for waterfowl hunting.Now the Vinci is just a gimmick gun that just so happens to have a good operating system.Heck, Ive been there.It too is protected from abuse with protective wings on either side.

It works well, but by golly it was tricky to figure out.
Accuracy: It is easy to point, and the choke tubes pattern quite nicely.
Benelli claims this imparts a 48 percent reduction in felt recoil.Potential buyers should note that the bolt must slam forward with enough force il codice da vinci trama del libro to rotate the bolt head into tagli capelli tendenza 2018 its locked position.Benellis Crio barrel is a cold-treated, fully-rifled slug barrel that is very accurate, even with just iron sights.As the gun recoils during firing, the inert breech bolt moves about 4mm forward, compressing the spring.The front sight features an M16-style post protected by steel wings.

Theres no mistaking the Federal Trophy Copper slugs.
Likewise, the rear of the trigger guard protrudes too far to the rear.
It was a minor frustration, but I shouldnt need to do that with a brand new gun.